What You Need To Know About Cuts Around And Inside The Mouth

3 November 2015
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Accidents happen. Even the most careful and cautious people can still have an injury. In some cases, you will have an injury by or inside your mouth. Perhaps you fall and have a cut inside your lip, or your tooth bites through the skin. When these sort of things happen, you might be wondering what you should do to heal the wound. Here are some things to consider.

Did The Cut Go Through The Skin?

One of the first things you should look at is if the injury went through the skin. If so, you may need to get stitches. Generally, the two reasons you get stitches are so that the area will heal properly and look better, and to close the wound so that it will be safe from infection. If the cut is only inside the mouth, you generally won't get stitches because the stitches won't help. 

For instance, inside the mouth, you don't worry what it looks like seeing that most people, even yourself, won't look inside the mouth very often. Second, the stitches won't protect the inside of the mouth from an infection. This is because the inside of the mouth is exposed to bacteria and food all the time. It is virtually impossible to keep it safe from all of this exposure; which is why stitches won't help, and will just prove to be more painful to the healing process. 

There are only rare cases where they put stitches inside the mouth, and when a doctor does, they tend to choose dissolvable stitches. Otherwise, the skin inside the mouth regenerates and heals quickly, so you will see the cut will correct itself within a short amount of time.

Are You At Risk For Infection?

Getting an infection is probably the biggest concern when you have a laceration inside the mouth. As previously mentioned, you have a lot of bacteria inside your mouth and so the cut is going to constantly be exposed to dangerous particles. Thus, there are two ways to care for it. You can rinse your mouth with an antiseptic, antibacterial wash each day; this will help to clean the wound. Second, you can go to the doctor to get an antibiotic. This is usually a common route for children who have a cut in their mouth and are unable to rinse properly. They will take an antibiotic just to be safe to make sure that the mouth heals without infection.

By understanding what to do for a laceration in the mouth you can keep yourself, or your child, safe. Click here to learn more.